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LGBT Print Ad for the Anatole Comments Off on LGBT Print Ad for the Anatole

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AT&T Comments Off on AT&T

These are a selection of pieces from my time at Javelin working on the living, breathing brand known as AT&T.

Motorola Comments Off on Motorola

The task: Make Motorola In-vehicle phones sexy.
The result: See for yourself.

7-eleven Comments Off on 7-eleven

This ROP ad ran in USA Today during the 2004 presidential election.

Pizza Hut Comments Off on Pizza Hut

Working on the Pizza Hut account at TracyLocke gave me many opportunities to create and write for print, radio, television and promotional materials both locally and nationally. I even helped write the book, literally, when I edited the brand’s style guide we created at the agency.

Dos Banditos Comments Off on Dos Banditos

“Lupita” and “Mama” were part of a direct mail campaign for a small Mexican restaurant in Wisconsin.

Harrah’s Comments Off on Harrah’s

A series of print ads presented to our clients at Harrah’s. The brief called for ads to mix the wild, exhilaration of gaming with the outdoorsy, exciting atmosphere at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.